Craft Fair Season

Disclaimer – this post was not supposed to be my first post. I had another post that I accidentally deleted. If you want to know more about the blog and how Old Salt got its start visit the about page!

Main Takeaway from Today’s Craft Fair: Be careful not to buy more than you sell.


A large reason for that is because it was also a bake sale.

That’s okay… it was nice to see my work on display with price tags and watch people thumbing the knitted fabric I created. AND I will have made more than I bought once I get started on the four orders I took. I decided not to take payment up front because I know how long it will be before they see those orders… the most “wonderful” time of the year and all.

First, I have to figure out what I’m making for Christmas gifts (11 days out seems like a good time to start). One gift I’m working on is a Star Wars hat (pattern from Ravelry). I’m having trouble with the size (I never gauge). I think the Cloud Borne sport-weight yarn I’m using might be too fine. But when I tried it with a thicker, fuzzier yarn, the fair isle was hard to discern. I need those Storm Troopers to be crystal clear! I’m also changing the lettering to say “May the Force Be With You” rather than the force awakens.

Next year, I’d like to go to some other craft fairs besides the small one we have at work. I could do some fairs in the summer, but will people buy knitted hats and scarves in the summer? And, I also want to sell greeting cards of my paintings, but… okay, baby steps…

oooh knitted baby booties!

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