Hack: Add Fleece Lining to Knitted Hats

I’m positive I’m not the first genius to think of this, but as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been working on a Star Wars hat for my boyfriend for Christmas (ended up following this pattern). While I was thrilled with the design of it, I was concerned that the weight of the yarn was a little too fine, especially for the cold winters we have up here in the Hudson Valley of NY. I used Cloudborn Highland DK Yarn in Navy, Dolphin Blue, and Heather. I do actually like this yarn but my tension wasn’t right for this project – I promise to start gauging someday.  Anyway, I knew if I just lined it with fleece it would warmer.


(I also need to improve my floats…)

But when it comes to fleece lining, I have a confession.

I don’t actually know how to sew.

I mean…I know how to fix a hem or sew on a button or join two seams of knitted project (okay, sometimes I look on YouTube even for those projects), but I am certain that if I tried to line the inside of this hat with fleece it would be… off. It would be too tight or misshapen. Something would go terribly wrong. And this was for my man, dammit.

And again, I’m sure I’m not the first special snowflake to think of this.

And yes, this hack I’m about to reveal to you kinda sorta defeats the purpose of making your own hat.

The hack for lining your knitted hats with fleece:

I just bought a cheap fleece hat at the drugstore and loosely sewed it to the hat just above the ribbed edging (because I wanted it to stretch) and added a few stitches at the top.


I’m actually so pleased with how it came out! I was so excited that I wanted to give it to my boyfriend last night before we went to see Rogue One, but it seemed more special to give it on Christmas.

Side note: In my opinion, the movie was a bust. And I can’t really give away any spoilers since if you’ve seen the other movies, you will know within 15 minutes how the movie ends anyway. The movie had some great cameos, but for the most part it was all new characters. It was a B+ sci-fi movie, but not a Star Wars caliber storyline in my opinion. My bf liked it though. You’ll have to decide for yourself!

Bonus! This color chart includes an Empire logo (although I accidentally skipped a color change, but I think it still reads):

star wars hat empire logo.jpg

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