Right Foot, Left Foot

I once went to a seminar on time management (file that under ways to never, ever start a blog post), and the speaker talked about how to achieve the goals that really matter as opposed to those things that bog down our to-do lists and take up all our time.

He said the things that don’t have deadlines are the ones that never get done but also, they’re usually the ones that are most important to us. The novel we want to write “someday” always gets put second to the laundry or the bills that need to be paid. However – of those things, which one really matters in the end? Which one could potentially make those bills a lot easier to pay? A best-selling novel of course.

I wish I could remember how he answered the question: So I should just shirk all my responsibilities?

Maybe it’s possible that the answer was… yes.

My dream is grow Old Salt Craft Co.

I think I am really onto something with this new line of necklaces (as well as a couple other products that are still top secret and in development phase). I want to start the next sentence with “granted, I haven’t sold any necklaces yet” but I must remember these things take time…


One foot in front of the other, I will grow this thing.

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