A Summer Shawl… for Fall

One of several projects that I completed during my unintended time off (explained in my last post) is the Deep End shawl by Heidi Kerrmaier. I might have otherwise overlooked this pattern due to its simplicity but I stumbled across a finished one at my favorite yarn shop, the Perfect Blend Yarn & Tea Shop, which is dangerously close to my apartment – 3 blocks away! What caught my eye was not so much the pattern – albeit attractive in its own right – but the feel of the yarn they used in the shop sample. This yarn (Gima 8.5 by Ito) is 100% cotton, but it feels like a mix of linen and… paper. This is not your granny’s shawl!

So despite having several WIPs already on my needles, I immediately picked out some yarn to make one myself. Here is the initial palette I chose:

blog pic 5_1

However… this was not the palette I ended up with. The colors were starting to look more appropriate for a children’s blanket, so I switched out half the colors for different ones. One thing I’d like to improve is my ability to picture how colors will look on the final product. While all the above colors look nice together – I neglected to consider that some of them would appear more forward because they would be on larger stripes. Once I got going, I realized the grey stripe (the 2nd stripe) actually is the widest stripe and if I had to choose one of those lovely colors to be the most forward, it would not be the grey! Sadly, I was already just about finished the grey when I realized this, and I have a very low tolerance for frogging, so I adjusted the last 4 colors somewhat.

Here’s a progress pic from when I realized my error in the placement of the grey yarn (which in retrospect doesn’t look so bad):

blog pic 3

In the pattern, you have two choices – either do garter stitch the whole way through or use stockinette on some of the panels. The one at Perfect Blend did the latter, and I wanted mine to be just as beautiful. Ultimately, it doesn’t make a huge difference, but it breaks up the monotony of garter stitch.

Needless to say, I loved this pattern because it is somewhat mindless, in that very little counting is involved unlike other, more lacy shawls, and because it’s intended for somewhat thicker yarn, it knits up fairly quickly.


blog pic 2

I’m currently working on my second one, which is why I’m calling this light and airy shawl a “Summer Shawl for Fall.” The weather is already getting cold in the mountains and this shawl is more for fashion than warmth but… I’ll make it work! This time, I played it a little safer with the color selection, and even used an existing color palette to guide my choices just to be sure. Here’s what I went with:


Despite still having several WIPs (including the socks I mentioned in my last post), I’m already on the second stripe! I thought that grad school starting back up again would slow me down, but the beauty of going to school online is that I can knit in class – and as long as I keep my needles below my webcam, no one can tell!


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