The Year of the Sock

I’m officially declaring 2018 the Year of the Sock.

Opal Hundertwasser Conservation Week

Having made 6 pairs of socks in 2017, I’ve arrived at a reasonable level of production efficiency (I can finish a pair in a week!) and I think I’ve nailed the fit for optimal comfort and style. Thus, I’m setting a goal – 18 pairs of socks in 2018.

Why I love making socks, possibly more than anything else:

  • They’re functional
  • They look impressive (but are secretly easy)
  • They’re mindless – I can read, watch a movie, participate in a conversation, play a hand of cards, all while knitting a sock
  • Compared to scarves, blankets, or sweaters, they knit up pretty quickly (if you consider 10-15 hours quick)
  • Endless creative potential – from super simple stockinette to stripes, cables, fair isle, lace, etc, socks can be as complex or basic as you please
  • Everyone needs socks!

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Toe-up construction (with a fleegle heel) is the only way to go for me. I refuse to pick up another heel flap – ever.
  • Magic Loop > DPNs
  • Judy’s magic cast on is way easier than a kitchener stitch (another reason toe-up  is better than cuff-down)
  • Using a super stretchy bind off is great, but be sure to decrease 4 sts before k2p2 rib

Toe-Up Sizing Recommendations for finger weight sock yarn (4 ply) using US 1 needles:

  • For a women’s size 6-8:
    • c/o 14 sts
    • Inc up to 64 (32 ea needle)
    • Start heel inc at 6 1/8″
    • Inc heel up to 48 sts
  • For a women’s size 8-10:
    • c/o 14 sts
    • Inc up to 68 (34 ea needle)
    • Start heel inc at 6 1/4″
    • Inc heel up to 52 sts
  • For a perfect women’s size 9 (my size):
    • c/o 14 sts
    • Inc up to 64 (32 ea needle)
    • Start heel inc at 6 1/4″
    • Inc heel up to 52 sts

(sorry gentlemen, I just don’t have it in me to try to figure out your sizing)

Next I’ll determine size recommendations for sport weight, like the Cascade Heritage Prints 150 yarn I used for my Christmas socks in the photo below. These came out a little too loose, so I need to adjust some of the stitch counts and measurements, but they’re great for wearing around the house. I adore this yarn (so soft!), but it may be too expensive to use for socks that I could sell at a reasonable price. However, I do think $66 for a pair of hand-knit merino wool socks is well worth it, so I may try listing some once I get the sizing down.

christmas socks 2017

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