Ravelry Group and #OldSaltShawlKAL

Going All In!

I’m not tippy toeing around these changes for Old Salt. Turns out focusing more on the fiber arts community I was really dying to do. Once I gave myself permission to switch gears, the ideas started flowing freely and I cannot wait to see what comes of this new and improved Old Salt Craft Co!

I’m not rushing pattern writing and kit selling. I ordered several books on pattern design and writing, and I want to really take my time learning all I need to know, so you might not see something on that front for some time.

For now, I’m “pivoting” Old Salt by focusing mostly on the podcast. The Etsy shop will remain as is, and I may continue to add items to it indefinitely. It’s a nice place where I can offer up work, but the sweet, sweet relief of focusing less on inventory and selling product has really taken a weight off my shoulders and freed me up to do so many other creative endeavors.

And of course, every good knitting podcast simply must do two things: 1) host a Ravelry Group and 2) host knit-alongs (KALs). As such, I’m already doing both!

The Old Salt Knitting Podcast Ravelry Group already has over 15 members (hey, that’s more sales than I had in a year in the Etsy shop!) and I’ve started a KAL, of which I am still the sole participant. i’m hoping it catches on, but if it doesn’t I can keep the prizes so that wouldn’t be so terrible 😉

However, I think it’s really smart to join because given how few people may be involved – the odds should be good that you’ll win!!!

About the KAL:

I am on a HUGE shawl kick right now. I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I’ve even dug up my hibernating Drachenfels Shawl and started working on that. My next #MakeNine2018 project is the Pure Joy by Joji Locatelli and I’ll be starting that as soon as Drachenfels is off my needles. I’m not normally a monogamous knitter, but my Superbulky Grandpa Cardigan (also a Joji pattern) took me one week from start to finish (not including blocking), so I feel I have a little extra time. I had expected it to take at least a month!

ANYHOO – since I’m so in love with shawls at the moment, I decided to do a very simple, easy-to-join KAL. Join the Ravelry group to get all the details, but they are very easy peezy, lemon sqeezy! Simply finish a shawl (any shawl!) by March 31 and post in the FO thread in the Ravelry group and you’ll be entered to win some great fiber-related prizes.

What’s the Prize??

I am in the process of gathering the prizes (yes, multiple!) from all my favorite makers, dyers and magic bean buyers. I will announce them on my FIRST episode of the podcast, which I’m planning to post on YouTube on or before March 11, and then I will announce the winner in my first episode in April (date TBD).

More About the Knitting Podcast…

I’m working on some “mini-episodes” of the podcast to publish leading up to the first full episode. My plan is to continue to post mini-episodes between full episodes since the trend in knitting podcasts is that they last about an hour or more, and I know I can’t commit to doing more than one hour-long episode a month, at least until school is over (which will be in May, thank Jesus). The mini episodes will be about 20 mins long to update on WIPs, KALs, and FOs. That will allow for more time to cover really juicy, interesting content in the full episodes. At least that’s the “plan.”

Speaking of content in the full episodes, here are the segments I’m planning (I am still playing with the order):

  • The usual segments: WIPs (works in progress), FOs (finished objects), KAL / Giveaway Updates, and stash additions
  • In Stitches: an in-depth look at a well-known or not-so-well-known stitch (how to do it, how to read it both in the pattern and in your knitting, any history behind it etc…)
  • Bookin’ It: Very briefly, I’ll share what I’m reading since I do like to read and knit at the same time- I will also during this time share the project I work on while I’m reading, since I can only knit super simple projects while I’m reading
  • Speak Like a Fiber Artist: I will review a knitting term (not a stitch) so that we can all class up our vernacular a bit and sound more sophisticated 🙂
  • Pattern Discovery: I’ll share a pattern I discovered since the last episode
  • Look What I Can Do! – I’ll only do this segment when I’ve learned a new skill worthy of sharing – won’t be a full tutorial, I’ll just share a little about what I learned and anything interesting
  • Q&A: If someone has posted a question either in the comments or in the ravelry, I may discuss it if I think others will find it interesting – this will be a “sometimes” segment…
  • Knitting IRL: Review upcoming events, festivals, conventions or talk about past ones I’ve attended since the last episode
  • “For Pete’s Sake” – this is a surprise that will definitely leave you in stitches! (expect a recurring guest in this segment)

I think these segments could easily go over an hour if I’m not careful, but I am SO excited. My new camcorder (a Canon Vivia) arrived the other day, and I need to get to work on figuring out the right lighting and then… LOTS of learning to do in terms of video editing.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to join the Ravelry Group!


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