First Mini Episode of the Old Salt Knitting Podcast in the Books!


I genuinely and fully tip my hat to anyone who does it…and apparently, I am now someone who does it. Last weekend (Feb 11) I filmed my first “mini-episode” of the Old Salt Knitting Podcast. Truly, this was more of an intro episode than an actual “mini episode,” but I wanted to get going just to get my feet wet.

Well, they got soaked.

I posted that mini episode on Saturday Feb 17. In those six days between filming and publishing, the following happened:

  • I downloaded Premiere Pro (Adobe’s video editing software)
  • Watched a 20-minute YouTube tutorial on Premiere Pro… about 6 times
  • Edited about three quarters of the video and “saved as” to a new folder to stay more organized
  • Later discovered that nearly all of my many hours of editing were not in fact “saved as” or saved at all, in any shape or form, anywhere.
  • Researched online and learned that there’s a glitch with “save as” in Premiere Pro and it doesn’t actually save anything – awesome.
  • Cried myself to sleep (not at all exaggerating – this was in part due to the loss of my work that I worried I couldn’t duplicate again but also because this whole thing is a little scary and vulnerable and… I just feel so exposed and I started to get a pretty bad case of the who-do-I-think-I-ams)
  • Got up before dawn the next morning and feverishly and doggedly finished editing
  • Waited a couple days to muster up the courage to hit publish on YouTube.

And then, on the 18th, I filmed the 2nd mini episode! I’m frankly surprised, after all I went through, that I decided to stick with it and go back for more, but I feel as though there’s no turning back now. Hopefully, editing the 2nd episode will be a little easier.

I still have a lot to learn – filming in portrait mode clearly isn’t my friend (my face is blurry for no apparent reason at certain points). The music between segments doesn’t seem loud enough. And if I’m honest, I’m a tad ramble-y.

But overall, I’m happy with it, especially considering how much I went through to get it done. And actually – I’m really excited about this 2nd mini episode, which I plan to publish on Feb 24th (I’ll likely always publish on Saturdays). This one is more like a “real” knitting podcast – I’m talking about WIPs and FOs. I’m more in the zone, and I think that’s because I’m talking about what I love. Although – I say this not having fully watched it, let alone edited it yet.

And now I know one very important rule of Adobe Premiere Pro. DO NOT – under any circumstances – SAVE AS!

Here’s my ramble-y first mini episode!Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 2.52.11 PM.png

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