Adventures in Test Knitting

I was driving to work the other day thinking about how much this new direction for Old Salt Craft Co. has really freed me up creatively and opened me up to so many new possibilities!

For example…

I’m currently doing a test knit – my very first experience as a test knitter – for the lovely Elisabeth Osa of Salapaloosa Knits. I’m sure that part of the excitement I have for this new endeavor is that the pattern is absolutely incredible. It’s both a little challenging – or at least takes some focus – but it’s also so rewarding to watch the eyelet pattern form as I go along. And it feels really good that I’m part of the process to help others enjoy this pattern. However, I’m not sure how much help I’ll be since, Elisabeth has done a fantastic job of designing these socks to begin with.

I’m also excited to try my very first after-thought heel! I haven’t gotten there yet, but I’m both eager and slightly terrified to cut my knitting when the time comes! My deadline to complete at least one sock is March 4, but I hope to have 2 finished by then so I can get started on my Pure Joy Shawl for #makenine2018

salapaloosa test knit

The yarn I’m using is Madeline Tosh “Twist Light” in the colors Coquette Duex (main) and Penumbra (toe, heel, and cuff)

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