#2018MakeNine Update No. 2!

Well… I have completed my first project for #2018MakeNine (I also learned that I was using the wrong hashtag).

My Superbulky Grandpa Sweater (designed by Joji Locatelli) was actually completed several weeks ago and I’ve been wearing it as often as possible ever since. The photos below were taken by Mary (if memory serves) at Perfect Blend Yarn and Tea:

I go into detail about the FO in my … wait for it … SECOND episode of the podcast! But just to re-cap the fiber: I used Mrs. Moon “Plump” in the color “Darjeeling” (also purchased at Perfect Blend), and if you decide to make this sweater, I highly recommend you use Plump too. It is incredible – I’m not sure what I like more the design of the sweater or the yarn! Like I said, I’ve been wearing it every chance I get and even though it is a single-ply roving, somehow the fabric has miraculously not pilled – at all! I used the DK weight of the same yarn for my “Gandalf Mittens” which I’ve been wearing even more frequently (and shoving into pockets and purses and snagging on keys etc etc) and they also somehow have not pilled or stretched or done anything weird. Mrs. Moon is magic!

Now for the update on the rest of my “Make Nine” projects, which have changed quite a bit since I last posted about them…and they’re probably sure to continue to do so since it’s only March and I have loads more patterns I’m sure to discover over the next 9 months! Here’s the latest (super-ambitious-probably-not-realistic) plan:

2018MakeNine with Checks

You might be wondering a few things…

You might ask, Why are your first two so similar? Well that’s because they really aren’t! The 2nd project is the Greystone Cardigan by Sarah Cooke, and although it looks very similar to the Superbulky Grandpa… mine will be quite a bit different. I’ve challenged myself to a little something I’m calling “I can knit that.” For ages, I’ve gone shopping at clothing stores and picked up (and often purchased) various items that I know in the back of my mind I can knit. Well, that is going to stop once and for all! From now on if I really want it, I’m going to make it myself! So, I recently saw a cardigan at Target that I nearly bought and then decided wait – I can knit that! The original cardigan is pictured below (in a very poorly lit Target):

My goal is to get everything as absolutely close to the original design as possible in order to make this a real design / knitting challenge. So I did a lot of research on yarn. Since the original was made from polyester I had to get away from my love of wool. However, I found what appears to be a new line from Katia that is very similar! I ordered (from yarn.com) 10 skeins of Katia “Polynesia” in the mauve, pictured below:


The fiber content is: 56% Cotton/22% Linen/22% Viscose and it’s slightly rosier than the original color, but I think I’ve upgraded rather than downgraded both in fiber content and color, so I’m okay with the slight difference! This definitely will not be a challenge in saving money – the original cardigan was on sale for about $17 and I’ve spent $70+ in yarn and shipping. The yarn was supposed to arrive today but is delayed due to snow storms. My fingers are crossed that it will be as expected. I plan to keep the ribbing around the neckline even thought that wasn’t in the original (although if I like it without maybe I will leave it off?) and I’m not doing the textured pattern on the back (just stockinette) since the original didn’t have that and the yarn is textured anyway. I most likely won’t do the pocket either, again to keep as close to the original design as possible.

This was the closest pattern I could find in a DK weight, which is what the Katia yarn is. The original cardigan seemed to be more of a sport or even fingering weight, so it may be a challenge to get the gauge similar, since the pattern appears to have a tighter gauge, but that is why this is a “challenge” after all! If only I had a gauge ruler with me at Target! I’m hoping that challenging myself with things like this will help me feel more comfortable designing my own patterns some day… when the time comes that I want to create a design that has popped into my head rather than something I’ve seen in a store.

So it really is quite different than the Superbulky Grandpa despite how it looks in my Make Nine collage!

And then the other question you may be wondering is… what about the Love All Ways cowl/hat that I wrote about previously?

It’s still very much happening (although I haven’t started it yet). I just decided not to count it as part of my Make Nine. I’m just not really sure when I’ll be able to start that or how long it would take. I don’t want to start it now and then not be able to wear it until after the summer. So it’s on the back burner even though I’m looking forward to starting it eventually!

I’ll be starting the Greystone / Target cardigan as soon as I finish my Mountain Rain test knit socks (likely tonight!), and then I’ll be starting the Pure Joy shawl by Joji as soon as I finish my Drachenfels shawl – hopefully in about a week or so, depending on how much time I dedicate to Greystone. I tend to become pretty monogamous once I start on a garment, so we’ll see! But I really want to get Drachenfels off my needles already!!!

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