Next on the Needles (as of today)

I think the theme of this blog is “best laid plans.” In case either of my two readers haven’t noticed (who am I kidding, I don’t think I even have that many) – most of my posts are about what I have planned to create. I think it’s because – and I know all knitters can relate:

the knitting I do in my head is so much more prolific

than the knitting I do with my hands.

It’s odd to me that knitting is sooooo slow and yet it is my preferred craft; whereas, sewing is much quicker but for some reason it always feels that it takes too long.

Well, my musings on why I like to plan or why I think sewing is slow (when it’s really fast) is not what this post is about…

I have big plans for my next lineup of knitting projects. Don’t you dare quote me on any of these, but they should – in theory – become reality at some point since I have yarn for all of the following projects.

I’ll share a quick rundown of what’s currently on my needles (and being actively worked – pay no attention to the bin of hibernating projects in the corner):

1. Fading Point by Joji Locatelli, using a Primrose Yarn Co. fade kit in the Adelaide base – I’m 3 colors into the fade of the first panel. I so enjoy a good potato-chip-esque pattern – the process is always begging for one more row.

2. Zweig by Caitlin Hunter, using Manos Del Uruguay Allegría in Pewter (MC), and MadelineTosh Pashmina in Moonstone (CC) – I get so incredibly excited about this sweater every time I try it on; however, the little cable features are taking forever. I’m also a little concerned that my tonal Pewter is pooling strangely in the body (even though I’m alternating skeins!)

3. Threipmuir by Ysolda Teague, using Rauma Finullgarn in Deep Blue Violet (MC), Moss Green (CC1), and Ocean (CC2) – I’ve only swatched for gauge so far, but I’m excited to get started this weekend. I’m intending for this to by my Rhinebeck sweater, but it isn’t very next-to-skin so if it’s too hot to wear double layers, it may not make an appearance.

Photo courtesy of Ysolda Teague – this is the design.My colors are similar by different 🙂

(Also on my needles and and getting dangerously close to hibernation, are a pair of vanilla socks and my Greystone Cardigan)

 Next On the Needles

1. Rosemont Cardigan by Hannah Fettig, using Berroco Remix in Ocean

Photo Courtesy of Hannah Fettig
Berroco Remix Ocean 3984 Yarn
Closeup of the yarn I’ll use

2. Oxbow Cardigan by Andrea Mowry using Brooklyn Tweed Quarry in Sandstone (as seen on Andrea below I believe)… I know, two very similar cardigans back to back. That may not keep my interest, but we’ll see! And I may actually do this one first since it’s quicker. Doesn’t it just scream cozy, fall cardigan???

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Mowry

3. Bedford by Michele Wang, using Cascade 220 in Japanese Maple – this will by my Thanksgiving Sweater!

Photo Courtesy of Michele Wang
Closeup of the yarn I’ll use

4. Dry Creek Sweater by Stephanie Tallent, using Cascade 220 in Hunter Green – this will be my Christmas sweater!

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Tallent
Closeup of the yarn I’ll use

5. Brennivin by Thea Coleman, using Cascade 220 in Straw

Photo courtesy of Thea Coleman
Closeup of the yarn I’ll use

And then of course there’s another 30 projects in my queue. And these next 5 are only the next garments I’ll do… plenty of hats, socks, shawls, mittens, etc are sure to work their way in there. And… considering I have two colorwork yoke sweaters on my needles presently, there’s a good chance another one will end up next on my needles, too. And you know designers will be coming out with all sorts of brilliant patterns for the fall….

Hence, “best laid plans.” 

But I do have all the yarn for the above 5 projects (which is not to say that I don’t have sweater quantities for other projects). And, these are the 5 projects I’m most excited about…as of today. Keep in my mind I’m not even 50% done with the 3 projects that are on my needles.

C’est la knit!

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