Pattern Planning & More Self-Sewn Wardrobe Promises

Well it sure has been some time since I’ve posted. I’m so glad that I always have this crafty little corner of the internet to return to.

By way of update… I’m sewing again! And sewing like never before. I finally feel like I found my groove with sewing. It all started with sewing masks (like everyone else on the planet right now). I got really into sewing masks, and choosing fabrics. I ended up re-opening my Etsy shop, and I’m pleased to say, sales are going really well! Including the (few) sales I made when I first opened shop in 2017, I’ve now surpassed 100 sales on Etsy! Woohoo!

I am really proud of that. This is my fourth attempt to sell on Etsy, and it only took a global pandemic, but I feel like I’ve really found a niche in the face mask market.

And this has re-ignited by desire for a wholly self-sewn wardrobe. And I mean it this time! So here it is:

I will not buy anymore clothing for the rest of the calendar year. Not one stitch of clothing.

Lord knows I have a TON of clothes, so this isn’t actually a huge sacrifice, but I’d like to try to add one self-sewn item to my wardrobe every 2 weeks. As I get into more complicated projects, it may take longer, but right now, anything I can sew is so simple it can usually be done in a day.

Of course, I have to balance that with about 50+ mask orders to fulfill by the first week in September. For this reason, I’ve intentionally put in some controls to slow down sales on the Etsy shop (like removing my most popular masks for now). I hope to transition from “made to order” to “ready to ship” over the next few weeks, which should also take some of the pressure off. I’m glad I’m doing well on Etsy, but I don’t have any desire to grow the shop beyond its current state (of about 1-2 sales a day) at this point. I want to sew for ME!

So here are some of the patterns I plan to sew in the coming 4 months to round out the year:

-Sewing For Workwear-

Addison by Seamwork:

Image via

Sorbetto by Seamwork

Image via

Simplicity 8231

Image via

Everyday Elegance by Patterns for Pirates

image via

Brunch Blouse by Patterns for Pirates

image via

New Look 6346

image via

-Sewing for Weekend-Wear-

New Look N6658

image via

Simplicity R10597

image via (this pattern is apparently very hard to find! I picked it up at Joann’s)

Favorite Tee by Patterns for Pirates

Image via

Tulip Tee (FREE) by Patterns for Pirates

image via

I actually tried this one and it was a total fail. The hem was pretty bad but still wearable; however, then I royally jacked up the neckband (even after several attempts). I could still unpick it (again), and maybe I will, but it doesn’t seem worth it to put more time into it when the hem is so abysmal. I suppose that is really wasteful now that I write this. Maybe I’ll unpick the hem, too. I need to be more conscientious of things I can do while I’m sitting and watching TV. Often I don’t do things that aren’t fulfilling because I just want to SEW and then projects go untouched indefinitely. Nonetheless, I’m still committed to learning to sew knit fabrics! Even if it means I’m only doing rolled necklines instead of neckbands for all my knits 😉

Oversized Sweater by Patterns for Pirates

image via

What… no pants???

For starters I have enough pants – more than I can fit in my closet. But for some reason, even though I’m told they’re easy, I’m scared of pants. It’s actually not so much the sewing involved… it’s the body image issues that pants represent for me. So, if I don’t actually “need” pants (to be fair I don’t “need” any clothes at all), I’ll pass on the pants for the time being.

I would like to make some pjs too (and I think pj pants are less likely to put me into a self-loathing sob fest). I have a few PJ patterns, but I’m more excited to start with things I can actually wear out in the world (such a show-off). Same with formal dresses. As much as I do want to make a “nice’ dress at some point, it’s probably a long time before formal events are happening. I feel similarly about swimwear and underwear.

In a future post, we’ll look at my fabric stash… be warned. It’s massive, and continues to grow!!

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