Book Review: Two Little Girls in Blue by Mary Higgins Clark

Read Dates:

June 15-19, 2021

Star Rating:



If you’re looking for a cozy mystery that isn’t too gut wrenching or terrifying that you’ll lose sleep, but still keeps you on the edge of your seat – Mary Higgins Clark never disappoints.

Full Review:

We love a cozy mystery – especially when I discover I’m stuck in the DC airport for 6 hours because weather delays caused me to miss my connecting flight. That’s how I ended up snagging this recently re-released MHC mystery last week. My mom and grandmother always loved Mary Higgins Clark and this spur-of-the-moment, airport newsstand find was every bit the gripping whodunnit that I needed in my time of sheer frustration.

Complete with red herrings, plot twists, and well… somewhat one-dimensional, not-based-in-any-particular-time-period characters that typify the genre, Two Little Girls in Blue was a perfect way to escape the reality of a travel nightmare. I finished this book in about 3 days and found myself both surprised by the ending and also a little disappointed I hadn’t figured it out myself (which is PRECISELY what I expect from a good cozy mystery!)

And despite it being about 2 little girls who are kidnapped from their bedroom, it wasn’t too depraved that I lost all faith in humanity, which is well accomplished by 6 hours stuck in the airport followed by a rental car fiasco at 10pm. In this page-turner, every question gets wrapped up in a bow by the end, leaving no loose ends – even if at times the outcomes are tragic. I do enjoy a good “we’ll never really know” ending but sometimes you just need to have all the answers, especially when travel creates chaos in your real life. Highly recommend!

Bottom line:

Escape reality and become absolutely gripped by low-stakes fiction.

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