Book Review: The Push by Ashley Audrain

Read Dates:

July 10 – July 11, 2021

Star Rating:



Blythe Connor’s life is perfect, despite a hostile upbringing. So when her first baby Violet comes along, why is it that she is plagued with unease and dread – a sense that something just isn’t right with her? She doesn’t feel this way about her second baby, but no one will believe her that Violet… just isn’t right. Then tragedy strikes.

Full Review:

4.5 stars for The Push! Like so many other readers of it, I read The Push in under 24-hours, only stopping to question “What is it about this book that’s SO addictive?” The story is actually not particularly suspenseful – a tale of multigenerational motherhood, a letter to an ex-husband explaining the other side of things, a young mother wondering “is something wrong with my child… or is it me?” But the writing executed this story with such precision that it’s impossible not be entirely captivated by Blythe Connor’s life – and her family history.

The authenticity with which Audrain paints a picture of motherhood offers a view we almost never see – a woman who simply doesn’t feel all that excited about her new “bundle of joy.” In fact, she rather resents the baby. The image of the doting, obsessive mother is the one we are too often provided by most books in this genre, but for someone who never plans to have children, I managed to find Blythe’s experience of mothering her new baby, Violet, somehow relatable and deeply terrifying.

The only reason I didn’t give The Push 5 stars is because I kept waiting for something to be revealed that never was. I actually had an interesting idea of how this book might have ended but it probably would have taken away how deeply believable the story is (which is what makes it all the more chilling).

Bottom line:

An absolute must read if you want to be utterly consumed.

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