Book Review: Cause of Death by Jeffrey Deaver

Read Dates:

July 28, 2021

Star Rating:



Jon’s wife dies suddenly after five years and when the details of her death don’t add up, he uncovers she had a secret life he never knew, but could it really be as it seems?

Full Review:

A solid four stars for Cause of Death for an exceptionally satisfying escape of a read! History professor, Jon Talbot is in the middle of writing an afterword of an upcoming book when he learns his wife has died suddenly in a car crash. When he discovers that her laptop and phone are missing from the scene, he knows something is amiss. He knows his wife too well to know that she would never leave home without her devices – or does he know her all that well? As he digs deeper he’s shocked to learn that his marriage isn’t what he thought, but are his suspensions correct?

With an incredibly surprising twist at the end, Deaver also provides plenty of satisfying tidbits that make this an ideal “dessert” book or beach read. I definitely intend to read more shorts from Deaver!

Bottom line:

This is a perfect, quick read for an afternoon on the couch after a long day.

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