Book Review: No One is Talking About This by Patricia Lockwood

Read Dates:

July 25-26, 2021

Star Rating:



Fragmented and poetic, this book follows an unnamed narrator through her experience of having one of her “Portal” posts go viral and then traveling the world for speaking engagements. That is, until tragedy strikes in her family and suddenly she’s forced to live in the “real world.”

Full Review:

3 Stars for No One is Talking About This. I liked it. I’m just glad it was short. I’m not surprised it’s nominated for a Booker Prize since the writing is incredibly poetic but there really wasn’t a lot of substance to the story itself.

The narrator lives her life online (referred to as the portal) and a post of hers goes viral. She travels the world speaking to audiences about her rise to fame until her digital reality is shattered by a family tragedy that shakes her free from the portal.

If you are not “very online” you probably will not understand most of this book. I like a book that alters my worldview but this one altered it in a way that I didn’t quite know how to reconcile, which was probably the point, but I found it unsatisfying.

Bottom line:

If you’re looking for a short, trippy kind of read – I recommend it.

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